Our desire is to build a center for missional community at FBC Sharon.

We believe everyone is called to be "on mission." Missions Mobilization is our strategy for reaching and impacting Laurel, Mississippi, the United States, and certain parts of the world.

Our Missions Team

We are currently giving 12% of our budget to the cooperative program, 1% to Jones County Baptist Association, and 2% to Missions Mobilization.

Our Missions team is led by Chris McKinnon

Local Missions

Led by Sandra Hilton, the local missions team organizes the mission events and ministries. We have service teams that are faithfully serving Sharon and the surrounding communities of Laurel, Mississippi.

Local Service Teams include:

  • Library

  • Public Servant Appreciation

  • Rest Home/Shut In

  • Schools

  • Sports & Recreation

  • Vacation Bible School

  • Visitor Care

  • BSU

  • Choices Pregnancy Center

  • Christian Food Mission

  • Clothes Closet

  • Community Clean Up

  • Fair Ministry

  • Fall Festival

  • Glory House

  • Homecoming

U. S. Missions

The United States Missions Lead Team is led by Kyle Tice. The two areas emphasized in this strategy are disaster relief and partnerships with other churches.

Disaster Relief

We have a team of people who have been trained and are ready to be deployed at times of natural disaster.


We also coordinate with churches throughout the states that we can help. We desire to build relationships with these churches to strengthen their work for Christ.

International Missions

The International Missions Lead Team is led by Ronnie McAlpin.

We are currently sending 14 people this summer to Honduras and China on service mission trips. We are seeking God's direction in reaching an unreached people group and plan to engage a specific group of people who may have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We desire to take responsibility for getting the Word of God to them and be an example of it in front of them.